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Rayong Information

Rayong Information by E-Biz Travel; Thailand Travel and Accommodations

& Koh Samet
Rayong located
at Eastern board of Thailand, 179km by car from Bangkok. It consists of
3,552 square km area and 100 km of beach connect to the gulf of Thailand.
The 10 islands group is abundant with marine resources. It contains many
oddly shaped islands and rocks. The largest island is Koh Samet
which is well known in South East Asia.
The average temperatures are
around 28 degree Celsius.
King Taksin ShrineThe shrine is located in front of Wat Lum Mahachai Chumphon, and commemorates
King Taksin’s brief sojourn in Rayong following the fall of the ancient
Siamese capital of Ayutthaya in 1767 to invading Burmese. A Thai nobleman
who escaped Ayutthaya before its fall, Taksin was acclaimed king in
Rayong, and is remembered as the monarch who rallied the Thais, and
expelled Burmese invaders before establishing a new Thai capital in
Thon Buri, currently that part of Bangkok occupying the west bank of
the Chao Phraya River. A large tree in front of the shrine is believed
to have been the place where Taksin’s elephant was stabled. The shrine
is highly revered, particularly by Thais of Chinese ancestry, and traditionally
attracts large crowds during Chinese New Year celebrations.Wat Pa Pradu

This Ayutthaya period (1350-1767) temple enshrines a large Reclining
Buddha image, unusual in that the almost 12-metre-long image reclines
on its left side, not the more conventional right.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam

This 10-metre-high chedi is located on an islet at the estuary of the
Rayong River. Annual celebrations in the vicinity each November feature
exciting boat races.

Si Muang Park

Located in the town centre, behind the city hall, the park contains
a Buddhist shrine in traditional Thai architectural style.

Sai Thong Beach

This fine sandy beach enjoys a peaceful and secluded setting . Bungalow
accommodation is available. The beach is some 17 kilometres west of
the provincial capital.

Ko Saket

This small island is some 10 minutes from Sai Thong Beach. Clear island
waters permit fascinating underwater views of coral formations. Bungalow
accommodation is available.

Phayun & Phala Beaches

Located in Ban Chang district, some 33 and 36 kilometres respectively
from the provincial capital, both beaches are connected, peaceful and
eminently suitable for swimming. Luxury hotel and economy bungalow accommodation
is available.

Fruit Orchards

Fruits are famous in Rayong, particularly from mid-May until the end
of June when durians, rambutans and mangosteens are available, of excellent
quality and at reasonable prices. Several orchards in Rayong welcome
tourists to visit and sample their succulent fruits. Please contact

by telephone the following places for complete details: Supattra Land,
(038) 615-670; Orchard Park, (02) 530-3860-3, (01) 211-7789; B.J. Garden
Villa & Resort, (02) 279-9285-9 ext. 127; The Park, (02) 261-8414-6.

Mae Ramphueng Beach

This 10-kilometre-long beach falls within the Khao Laem Ya-Ko Samet
Group National Park. It is eminently suitable for swimming and contains
a particularly picturesque headland.


Ban Kon Ao

This fishing village, 22 kilometres from the provincial capital, is
dominated by a hilltop temple. The area is subject to wind and sea erosion.
Beachside palms appear to rise from sand pedestals bound together by
tree roots.

Sopha Botanical Gardens

Located 17 kilometres from town, and near the ferry to Samet island,
the gardens contain the most varied tree and plant collections in Thailand.
Traditional Thai architecture helps beautify the area, besides displaying
Thai antiques.

Khao Laem Ya-Ko Samet Group National

Khao Laem Ya is located on the mainland, some 6 kilometres from Ban
Phe fishing village. Koh Samet, on which Thailand’s most popular poet,
Sunthon Phu, created his most famous work, Phra Aphai Mani, lies some
40 minutes offshore. The park also encompasses major mainland beaches

and lesser islands to the east of Koh Samet.

Ban Phe

22 kilometres southeast of the provincial capital, this busy fishing
community is the major point of departure for visitors to Koh Samet.
Ban Phe is famous among Thais for its fish sauce and dried marine products.


Koh Samet

This is Rayong’s major attraction, a palmfringed tropical island with
fine white sandy beaches to the east, and rocky headlands to the west.
Snorkelling, windsurfing, swimming, sailing and sunbathing number among
major beach activities. There is a large choice of accommodation

facilities. Satellite and somewhat pettite islands to the east include
Koh Kudi, Koh Khangkhao and Koh Rusi.

Suan Son

Located one kilometre east of Ban Phe, and also known as the Casuarina
(pine) garden, the area is characterised by these shade-giving trees
which line the beachfront road for about a kilometre.

The area is a favourite spot for picnics.

Laem Mae Phim

Located 40 kilometres from the provincial capital, at Km 26 on the coastal
road between Ban Phe and Klaeng, this popular beach attracts local tourists
who frequent roadside vendors selling fruits, fried squid, skewered
oysters and other local delicacies.

Mun Islands

These 3 islands can be conveniently visited from Laem Mae Phim. Fine
sandy beaches characterise the islands. Accommodation facilities are

Sunthon Phu Memorial Park

53 kilometres from the provincial capital, on the road towards Klaeng,
this memorial park is

located at Kram village, the birthplace of t h e poet’s father . Designated
by UNESCO as an eminent classical poet, Sunthon Phu (1786-1855) composed
his famous epic poem Phra Aphai Mani on nearby Samet island.


Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National

This national park is located some 17 kilometres off Sukhumvit Highway
at Km. 274, and some 76 kilometres from the provincial capital. The
park contains numerous plant and tree species, colourful buttterflies
and birds, and a gently flowing eight-level waterfall.

to get there
There are 2 ways to travel
to Rayong :

  • Car/Taxi– From Bangkok by main road No. 3 or Sukhumvit road in 3 hours- You can hire a taxi from the Bangkok area to Rayong province for
    about 2,500 Baht.
  • BusAir-conditioned coaches and non air-conditioned buses to Rayong leave
    Bangkok’s Terminal on Sukhumvit Road (Ekamai) daily (every hour).
    For further please contact Bangkok 0-2391-8097. From Bangkok-Rayong,
    fare for air-con buses is about Baht 117 per person per way and Baht
    124 per person per way from Bangkok-Ban Phe.*Fare is subject
    to change without prior notice*
New Year & Red
Cross Fair
Staged from December 28 until January 3, the event features special
exhibitions and entertainment.Fruit Fair

Generally staged during mid-May, the fair celebrates local tropical
fruits, and features colourful floats, processions, beauty pageants
and local produce.

Phra Chedi Klang Nam Fair

This annual celebration occurs during the twelfth lunar month at the
time of Loi Krathong, Thailand’s lovely ‘Festival of Lights’ and features
exciting boat races.

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