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Rachamankha Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai
Rachamankha Chiang Mai6 Rachamankha 9,

T.Phra Singh Chiang Mai

   The Rachmankha is much more than just
a hotel. It is an experience. For the owner, who are two of Thailand’s
most famous designers and architects, it is a creation of love and a treasury
of Lanna art and Chinese antiquities, which can be found in every quest
room and throughout the hotel. The combination of Lanna art and interior
design, and the temple style architecture has created a haven of peace
– the kind that penetrates you and touches you heart. This is an
ideal hotel foe people in need od rest and relaxation.

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Accommodation - Rachamankha Chiang Mai Accommodation - Rachamankha Chiang Mai
Accommodation - Rachamankha Chiang Mai Accommodation - Rachamankha Chiang Mai Accommodation - Rachamankha Chiang Mai
There are 18 Superior rooms, 4 Deluxe rooms, and 1 Two-Bedroom suite.
Each guest room is slightly different because the furniture is antique,
and each piece is different. The door is an old Lanna style door with
an ornate door handle and wooden bolts. The window blind is made from
bamboo, and reeds are user to make the colourful floor matting. The table
lamps are made from Chinese porcelain, and a Lanna lantern with a tassel
that matches the colour of the antique wardrobe hangs down in the room.
Even the sink counter in the bathroom is a Chinese antique. The wall are
decorated with Dai art from Chan state in Myanmar. The Deluxe rooms differ
from the Superior rooms in that they are larger (42 sq.m compared to 30
sq.m ), have a four-poster bed, and look down onto the main courtyard.
View - Rachamankha Chiang Mai View - Rachamankha Chiang Mai
Restaurant - Rachamankha Chiang Mai View - Rachamankha Chiang Mai Swimming Pool - Rachamankha Chiang Mai
The restaurant is illuminated by large Lanna lanterns, and beautifully
decorated with nineteenth century paintings that describe part of the
life of Lord Buddha on a large cloth that hangs down from the ceiling.
Antique Chinese tables and Ming Dynasty plates are placed tastefully along
the sides of the restaurant. The focus of the cuisine is Thai, but there
is also a large selection of fusion dishes that combine food, sauces,
and flavorings from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe.Next to the restaurant there is a small, shady courtyard where guests
can dine outside while listening to old northern Thai music.

The Bar is situated next to the restaurant and is decorated with a very
rare Chinese antique liqueur screen, and lithographs by Henry Moore, Robert
Motherwell, and other early twentieth century painters. The screen shows
in gold paint the whole process of tea production from the bush to the
ships exporting the packaged tea leaves.

Above the restaurant is the Gallery, which serves to educate guests about
Lanna culture, and also to provide a meeting room. It is filled with silverware,
lacqueurware, hilltribe jewellery, a sword collection, an eighteenth century
Buddha image, and also with the post, plates, etc., that were discovered
when the hotel site was excavated.

There is also a 20 – meter swimming pool, which is lined with sun
beds and bougainvillea flowers. The airy Pool Bar offers snacks and drinks,
while the open-air room above provides a massage service.

The hotel also boasts a library with an internet room; the only in the
north to provide this.

The service concept is based on the principle of creating a memorable
experience for all guests, and supports the unforgettable feeling feeling
of peace and homeliness created by the hotel’s architecture and
design. Overall, a stay at the Rachamankha is unique.

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